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EA Newsletter – October 2017


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E A – change in ‘flooding is possible’ level

Our local environment agency have sent this message today.

“As you may be aware, we have recently made some alterations to the ‘flooding is possible’ line shown at local monitoring stations on the gov.uk website.

The ‘flooding is possible’ line is now set at either the flood alert threshold or 10% below the flood warning threshold for that location. This may be a higher level than you will previously have seen on the website. This is to ensure that there are fewer false alarms, as previously some ‘flooding is possible’ lines were set at a level lower than the flood alert threshold or flood warning threshold for that area.

Please be aware that the lines shown on the website do not alter the point at which the Environment Agency sends out flood alerts and flood warnings via our Flood Warning Service. The triggers for issuing the flood alerts and flood warnings have not changed.

The gov.uk website river levels should only be used as a monitoring tool complementing flood alerts and flood warnings.”

This is the Whalley Weir link.

Everything seems to be calm down there at the moment!




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Responsibility for pipes and pumping stations

Water supply





There is a clear web page maintained by Offwat that outlines responsibilities.

Water companies keep up to date maps of sewers and water mains for which they are responsible. Most but not all pipes within an individual property boundary are the property owner’s responsibility to maintain. Some pumping stations are the responsibility of the landowners, rather than the water company.

For more information please click here

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Environment Agency maps

Risk of river flooding


Risk of surface water flooding